Friday, October 16, 2009

DSG FREE Giveaway - Featuring Me!

You can win a FREE $20 gift certificate to any of 3 of my shops ... with FREE shipping and handling. For those who like my art, I hope you will take advantage of this free giveaway!! I am also willing to list another image if you win and your favorite isn't there.

The Design Style Guide is a wonderful place that is bringing together thousands of items that are appropriate for Home Decor. Their main purpose is to promote the team and its members to Interior Designers (and like-minded consumers) through various promotions and advertising techniques. This is part of the move to promote handmade items instead of mass produced things. Their focus is on marketing and branding “Handmade Home Decor” to professional Interior Designers.

Design Style Guide Giveaway #5

Design Style Guide Giveaway #5

They are having a series of giveaways - the current one with Diane Clancy (yes, ME!!) at Etsy and 1000 Markets. This is a free giveaway and I encourage you to join in and see if you can win!! The Giveaway is through October 20 - so join in today!! Here are the details about the giveaway on the Design Style Blog. You know my art - I encourage to go join in the giveaway. Here are my shops Diane's Etsy shop and Diane's 1000 Markets Shop and Diane's ArtFire Shop. This is a great opportunity and let's hope one of you wins!

If you would like to join Design Style Guide, please click here:

Thanks for stopping by!

I am adding new things every day to my shops - I am getting back in the flow - so keep checking to see which one YOU want to take home!! Thank you!

~ Diane Clancy

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