Thursday, June 19, 2014

Whispering Greens - the Mystery Beyond Greeting Card

Susan Elkin at Zazzle has a fabulous range of lovely photography. This is one of her cards - great way to collect her photos!  I think this is a magical image ... peeking into an estate (that is what Susan makes it look like).

Whispering Greens - Mystery Beyond the Green Shelter … where does it lead? Whispering Greens has lime and green bushes, shimmering in the sun. The gray brown trunks of large old trees rise up on the left of the this green setting. Maple trees are behind them, with Willows draping their hanging leaves hiding some of the trunks. There is a glimpse of a house in the background … who lives there, behind this secret stand of trees? This magical place is in Greenfield, Massachusetts, US.
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