Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bambi in Flowers II

I sell my cards at the local Visitors Center - we are a tourist area. This area is geographically gorgeous and full of artists. People from Boston and New York City come and look at the prices that artists are selling our artwork for and they pull out their check books.

Bambi in Flowers II

Bambi in Flowers II, Digital © Diane Clancy

The going price for artwork is much higher in the cities and often the people who travel can afford to take home beautiful paintings and quilts and sculptures and photographs. There are a lot of beautiful items that almost anyone can afford also! We in the area are working on building the creative economy in Franklin County.

The staff at the Visitors Center told me that the tourists want cards with deer and bears on them. So, I thought I would give it a try to see if my version of Bambi would be enjoyed enough by people to take Bambi home with them.

~ Diane Clancy


Beverley said...

Magical picture!

dianeclancy said...

Thank you so so much, Beverly!!

~ Diane Clancy

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