Friday, May 30, 2008

New Action Needed on the Orphan Act Bill

Today I prepared and printed many ACEOs ... it was a lot of work and a lot of fun!! I played with this image and made several other variations of these unusual birds. Please all US residents take the action suggested below to try to stop this irresponsible version of this well-meaning but mis-guided bill. Clearly my local US Representative, John Olver, does not understand the importance of this bill. He supports it for the museums. He doesn't realize how much this will hurt all the artists in his district. So please, please write!

Spring Birds

Spring Birds, Digital © Diane Clancy

Totally quoted from an email sent to me:

A quick update about this bill. It is poised for a final vote (date not yet announced) so please try to get your final "shots" in.

What illustrators and designers and photographers etc. are doing now is a postcard mailing blitz... (many of them are using their postcard mailers or printing off something quickly)

On the back they write: "Please vote NO on the Orphan Works bill-- H.R. 5889 for the House; S-2913 for the Senate" and sign it with their name and contact information.

No explanation necessary just "VOTE NO TO THE ORPHAN WORKS ACT."

**But here is the important part: **

**Any correspondence needs to be addressed to the DISTRICT OFFICE. **

Apparently, mail received at district offices, gets to the congressmen faster than it would if sent to their actual offices.

You can go to this link:

Just click on the name and it will take you to his or her website where the mailing address of the district office can be found.

Check out this article printed by the Boston Herald

-the cartoon that accompanies it is great!

~ Diane Clancy

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