Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009

Today is Blog Action Day 2009. October 15th is the annual day for bloggers all over the world to unite together to spread the word about this important issue - of CLIMATE CHANGE! Almost 10,000 bloggers from 150 countries have participated so far! Dealing with Climate Change is crucial to the survival of humankind.

Earth Day

Earth Day, Digital © Diane Clancy

This vibrant, colorful painting of Earth Day shows humankind taking the extraordinary leap that we need to take to make the changes we need. All the personal things so many of us are doing - driving more slowly, turning down the heat, eating locally - are all important and we need to each continue our efforts!

BUT war wrecks total havoc on the environment. Peace is much healthier for the earth - besides for "children and all other living things." The environmental impact of war is terrible!! The fighter jets, bombs, wreckage of buildings, transporting many troops and supplies ... all take a large toll on the earth. I KNOW it is terrible with the human cost - and I am so sorry for all of us who have been impacted with human loss by war (which includes most of us) ... AND the toll of war on the earth is terrible also.

This is yet another reason we need to strive to create peace - for all of us and also the home we call earth!!

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