Saturday, July 28, 2007

Abstract Design IX

This abstract design is full of fun and life and asks … “what’s going to happen next?” I know I would love to get a present with this wrapping paper. (I would like to get a present anyway, but even more so with this paper.)

Abstract Design IX, Digital © Diane Clancy

I am still looking into licensing these designs for wrapping paper or fabric. If you would like to read more about this process for the abstract designs, please read the post Abstract Design XI in my other blog

I think the movement and energy of this digital painting is fun - the movement is horizontal, vertical and diagonal. The composition of a painting is important. One wants to keep the eye of the viewer in the image and to keep the person looking around at different parts of the picture. I think this works in this painting.

Does anyone know of ArtFlock, ? I have heard of Etsy,, these last few weeks. I am glad to find other artists have been satisfied at Etsy. Does anyone know if ArtFlock treats their artists well also? Thank you for any help you can be!

~ Diane Clancy

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