Friday, July 20, 2007

Nature Reflections I

I’ve always enjoyed the colors blue and yellow together - ever since I was a child. There is some way my eye goes back and forth, back and forth between a bright blue and a bright yellow. Many people have been drawn to this particular digital painting - from my aunt who was over 90 to young children. The birds, representing nature, are part of what I think draws people into this picture. Also, this image is at the border between realism and abstraction - where I think much interesting transformation happens.

Nature Reflections I

Nature Reflections I, Digital © Diane Clancy

I created this image using Studio Artist, a very unusual art program. I started with a beautiful photograph of several birds and then digitally transformed the picture. I think many people are drawn by the fact that they can see birds - but often they keep looking trying to understand what is going on.

As with much of my own creative process, I can never quite reproduce what happens by accident. I do much better when I am aligned with my muse and allow the flow to happen than when I try too hard to “make” things happen. Of course, technical skills are still crucial - but, for me, the greatest reward comes when I feel in the flow. I wish for us all to be able to live in that flow.

- Diane Clancy


Bobbie said...

What a beautiful combination of blue and yellow. I can see why young and old alike love it!

studio lolo said...

I've been snooping on your've got some wonderful stuff here! I was smitten by Freckles as I have a soft spot for tuxedo cats. And Emma is a cutie. My little dog's name is Emma as well. I really like this bird image a lot. I too, am drawn to the blue and yellow, but also the subject. It was great fun stopping by! Thanks for visiting me as well.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bobbie and Studio Lolo,

So glad you are enjoying my work!!

Thank you,

~ Diane Clancy

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