Monday, March 31, 2008

Second Treasury - in the Main Treasury!!

This morning at about 5 am the main treasury opened up - so I grabbed one of those treasuries too. It has some overlap from the other treasury I made, but I really wanted to feature some of the other painters I had chosen. Since you have to be there just as it opens up .. it is very exciting .. you have to put the name in fast enough and everything. So here it is … I hope you like it!! If you are an Etsy member, I hope you will click and comment and help me stay near the top. Thanks to all the wonderful groups I am involved with, I on page 3 out of 22 the 333 treasuries within several hours. It is harder to get to the top of this treasury. I want to showcase painters more ...

Dance of Dreams Treasury

(Another) Dance of Dreams Treasury, Etsy

This lasts for only 2 days - it is the luck of the draw whether it is 2 or 3 days. At this point I am at the top of Treasury West with yesterday's treasury - the hottest of the 222 treasuries!! Thank you for reading about this!!! Thank you for being part of my community!!

Etsy has a very cool thing called a Treasury - someone puts together 12 items of people’s work with some common theme. This theme is Dance of Dreams. I am so so excited because this treasury is my very, very first one I ever made!!! Here is this Treasury!! Dancing up and down with joy!!! My shop is Diane Clancy with lots of bubblescapes and Fanciful Animal Images.

I have mentioned the VAST group (Visual Artists Street Team) that I belong to at Etsy. Here is the VAST Blog if you would like to know more. We also help each other market-our art work - we are an online, international group that is creative, loves art, creates original art and has an Etsy Shop.

I also belong to BBEST - Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team. This is a very active group who work hard at marketing and being visible. Here is the BBEST Blog … The Boomers are 40 and over … lots of fun!

The Interior Design Team at Etsy is another team I belong to. This is a group who work to make your home and office look beautiful with lovely items!! Here is the Interior Design Etsy Team. The motto is “Where Networking Work Pays Off.” They also network on other sites that offer products besides Etsy.

I am also part of the ACEO Street Team group (ACETSY) at Etsy. Here is the ACETSY Blog if you would like to know more.

Here is one more Etsy Blog. Anyone with an Etsy Shop can join this blog … so there is a great variety of items. I hope you enjoy finding out about these wonderful shopping opportunities!

Thank you for looking at my being showcased!! Here is my Etsy Shop.

~ Diane Clancy

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Into the Blystic said...

Hi Diane
So cool you are jumping on the 'treasury' wagon... I think the etsy treasuries are one the best features. I love collecting a group of my fav items by other sellers around a theme... mine are almost always art too... it's my favourite thing lol!

Heart It