Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Streetscape IV - Greenfield as Paris Mugs

Brighten your day with a special mug from Susan Elkin Photography!  Susan's mugs are fabulous!!  There are so many wonderful scenes of Greenfield, MA (US).  This is here photo where she "makes Greenfield look like Paris!"

Night lights reflect on the sidewalks and streets after a rain. Buildings have blue neon lights that spill out of the shop windows. Shimmering streaks and reflections are white, black, gray as they make the town look magical.

A viewer, who recently attended Susan’s "Night Light" series exhibition, was so taken by how she captured Main Street of his home town that he felt compelled to say, "Susan makes Greenfield look like Paris, France." This image entitled Streetscape IV was one of the images included in that series. This beautiful fine art photograph will enhance any place your home or work place.

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For more beautiful products from Susan Elkin's Zazzle shop, please go to http://zazzle.com/SusanElkin.

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