Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tree House – Gold and Blue Glory Card

Susan Elkin at Zazzle has a fabulous range of lovely photography. This is one of her cards - great way to collect her photos! The is a house in Greenfield, MA (US) - near Arch St, right by Susan's famous tunnel photo.  This was taken at dawn and she calls it Tree House.  Hope you enjoy!

At dawn a white house is surrounded by magic! Golden yellow flows over the road in a bright patch. Some of the tress behind the house are flush with amber and lemon too. A brilliant blue and indigo sky fades into white clouds. There are tree branches, with a few leaved hanging off, in front of the house. These branches sparkle with bright light, giving the impression that the house is in the tress. Hence the name – Tree House.

This lovely house is in Greenfield, Massachusetts, US.

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