Sunday, January 5, 2014

Night Sky I - Glory at Dusk Coffee Mug

Brighten your day with a special mug from Susan Elkin Photography!  I love this photo from Susan Elkin!!  It was taken in Gill, MA, right at Barton Cove.  This travel mug also comes in silver (as opposed to the white) and it looks quite stunning that way.  Also choosing this mug gives you the option of changing it into a coffee mug - plain, colored handles, colored inside, plus more options.  Enjoy your morning coffee!!

Solace for Your Spirit - Night Sky I - a late autumn day at the wetlands with golden brown in the water, sky and reeds. This pond at dusk is reflecting the yellow in the sunset, with streaks of blue. Trees hug the edge of the water further on.

A buyer that recently purchased Night Sky I was so taken by its painterly appearance he said, "I must have this painting." His friends find it hard to believe that Night Sky I is not a painting. The quality of light captured in this beautiful image creates a Rembrandt feel. This breathtaking fine art image will enhance any place you choose to showcase it.

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