Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Freckles in the Hunt for Easter Eggs Greeting Cards

Brighten someone's day with a cute kitty cat card. I hope you enjoy this vibrant, colorful painting!! Collect Diane's art in a very affordable way.  This is an adorable card for Easter (or anytime) for both children and adults!

Artist: Diane Clancy; Title: Freckles in the Hunt for Easter Eggs; Medium: Photography, Digital Collage

Brighten Your Day! Freckles in an Easter Egg Hunt is a decorated tux kitty who sits in a field of brightly colored swirled and patterned Easter Eggs with flowers and butterflies. Freckles is a black and white tuxedo kitty who sits in a meadow of amazing Easter eggs. Purple, blue amber, orange, yellow, blue and pink eggs surround this black and white cat. Freckles has mostly black fur, white paws and whiskers and little dab of white on his mouth. Bright orange flowers plus blue and green winged beings in the sky give an extra sparkle to the dappled gray background. You may experience peace, serenity and healing as you look at my work.

Freckles in the Hunt is part of my Fanciful Animal Images series. Freckles has been my beloved animal companion for 18 years. When I went to the shelter, Freckles came right over and brushed against me – and then he walked away. He did this several times. To me, that said this tiny black & white tuxedo kitty was both independent and loving. And that has turned out to be so true! This image of Freckles is a delightful addition to any family with his elegance and charm - whether next to your computer on a mouse pad, mug, notebook, gift box, puzzle, plate, or a shirt, tote bag, messenger bag, iPad cover, card or on your living room wall.

Computer monitors and browsers show colors differently so the actual colors may vary slightly from what you are seeing. This image is original and copyright protected. This image may not be reproduced, saved, altered or used in any way without written permission of the artist.

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