Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Inner Flow V Abstract Fractal Violet Indigo Galaxy Throw Pillows

Here is a lovely pillow featuring a magical Bubblescape to make you smile. I hope you enjoy this vibrant, colorful painting!!  I do hope you enjoy this!!

Artist: Diane Clancy; Title: Inner Flow V; Medium: Digital

Imagination Rules! Inner Flow V – amber, cream, peach, orange, red, rose, plum, lime and apple green bubbles float effortlessly across this imaginative violet and indigo realm. Fuchsia, purple, pink, red violet and lavender form the curvy twirling backdrop of this universe. Swirls and curves make the colors even more interactive and intense –wisteria, thistle and orchid - with a touch of magenta. Ribbons of eggplant, moss green and amethyst weave and dance through the background. The ribbons even wrap around the bubbles where they reflect those colors. These bubbles have great intensity and draw you into this galaxy. This fun and whimsical image will take you on a journey into a different realm. Hang on and enjoy the ride.

This image is to inspire, delight and uplift you! Inner Flow V is part of my Bubblescape series. You may experience peace, serenity and healing as you look at my work. Bring this oasis into your home for yourself and to share with others. May Imaginative Inner Flow happen in all aspects of your life – allow yourself to be supported in this process with Inner Flow V, whether next to your computer on a mug, plate, as a shirt, tie, plate, candy jar, tote, tiles, iPad or iPhone cover, stamps, puzzle or computer mouse or on your living room wall.

Computer monitors and browsers show colors differently so the actual colors may vary slightly from what you are seeing. This image is original and copyright protected. This image may not be reproduced, saved, altered or used in any way without written permission of the artist.

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