Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Magenta Ghost – Rose & Indigo Delight Beverage Coasters

Whimsical, fanciful holiday art is so much fun! I hope you enjoy this vibrant, colorful painting!!   This little ghostly creature has such lovely colors!!

Artist: Diane Clancy; Title: Magenta Ghost; Medium: Digital

Magenta Ghost – Embrace & Enjoy Life - a wild pairs of deep eyes, surrounded by a deep rose background – or is that still part of the eyes? The ruby aura around the sprite’s eyes is part of the eyes. Then maroon, brick red and crimson surround the outer eyes merging into the dark unknown. The body is a long violet and periwinkle blue streamer that gracefully bends and twists. This matrix has bright flashes of amethyst purple that brightens up the dark atmosphere. Bold pink and raspberry swashes swoop across this vibrant body – they almost look transparent. Persian rose highlights the indigo undulation.

Magenta Ghost reminds us that delight and joy exist and are there to enrich our journeys – as we let them. We can let our lives be enhanced by spontaneity and glee, then allow it to stream out into life, where it becomes something greater. Uplift your day with this tempting vision. Bring these fun creatures into your home for yourself and to share with others - whether next to your computer on a mouse pad, mug, notebook, tile, puzzle, necklace, plate, or a shirt, fun tie, tote bag, iPad or iPhone cover, card or on your living room wall.

Computer monitors and browsers show colors differently so the actual colors may vary slightly from what you are seeing. All images are original and copyright protected. Images may not be reproduced, saved, altered or used in any way without written permission of the artist.

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