Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bio-Diversity of Species Part #1 (Humans)

This post got way too long so I am starting with biodiversity of humans and will share the rest of what I have written soon.


Consciousness, Digital © Diane Clancy

There is a lot of discussion … such as “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” And “in diversity there is strength” and the “web of life.” Often it is groups who are promoting difference and diversity among types of people. A fun, interesting world with a diversity of races, classes, attitudes, religions, ethnicity, sexual identity, physical looks, health, ability differences, genders (some people are breaking gender barriers) and more.

There is a lot of pressure for conformity of ideas, dress, looks, attitudes, values in the culture in the US. I know that that is also true elsewhere. Someone who is seen as different is often seen as a threat - to “our” way of life. And I am not just talking race and politics here. I am also meaning women who don’t wear make-up or dress fancy, men who are seen as feminine, people who wear their hair wild … the list goes on. Of course, there are many subcultures that have different values from the mainstream … but usually the pressure is still there.

I personally agree with the viewpoint that there is strength in multiplicity and I have actively worked toward supporting a diverse world since young adulthood. And I have worked to create acceptance of difference with much of my time. I strive to put my values of embracing divergence into action in my life. They also say “uniformity is the death of creativity.” This is the theoretical viewpoint I live with.

They also say “variety is the spice of life.” Appreciating and celebrating difference in the human race helps us appreciate diversity in the rest of the species on earth (more about that Friday.) Back to my painting tonight. Great consciousness is necessary as we dance our way through life, loving and supporting each other and the earth.

~ Diane Clancy


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! I totally love this. Powerful piece! Super! :-D

dianeclancy said...

Hi Mary, thank you so much!! Delighted you love this!!

~ Diane Clancy

Beverley said...

I agree with you on biodiversity. You can see this in all sorts of things. When I look at my little mongrel dog, who has descended from many breeds of dogs, I notice that he is livier, cleverer and healthier than many of the highly bred pedigrees of one breed parentage whom I see on my dog walks! Also the same with cities. The liviest and best cities are the ones which, when you walk down the street, you find a wide and interesting variety of people and shops. The really boring ones and the ones where everybody conforms.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

Really good points!!

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I love your thoughtful and intellegent posts! I like the image you chose for the 'conciousness' (sp!) one too. Especially what you did with the eyes. I have have subscribed so I can keep up with you!

Heart It