Thursday, October 25, 2007

Creating Violet in Flowers

I have had several great responses asking to show you how I create these fanciful images. Here is the family companion of my sister’s family - she has her own sitting post at the window.

I thought it might be helpful if you could see what I do. Here is a picture I took of Violet. The second image is what I did with the image to make it into an “Fanciful Animal Image.” I cut Violet out of her picture and created a field of flowers for her to play in. This is how I enhance animals.

Violet III

Violet III, Digital © Diane Clancy

In a comment yesterday Sue O’Kieffe (whose blog is Sacred Circles Mandalas) says, “When I first saw “enhanced” on your website, I was expecting something like restored photographs of animals, so maybe there is a better choice of wording.” I had no idea that someone would think that - although, of course, someone would. Since then I have changed the wording to fanciful to better describe the image rather than what I do.

Violet in Flowers

Violet in Flowers, Digital © Diane Clancy

In another post Sue continues, “What if people had a favorite animal that wasn’t necessarily a pet? (Such as a medicine/totem animal?)” I had been using the words “animal companion” to show respect to the relationship many people have with their animals. But that phrase doesn’t really account for totem animals either. And, of course, I would be delighted to make a field of flowers or butterflies for a totem animal.

As I have been getting feedback on this issue, I have decided on "Fanciful Animal Images." If you would like to see the sites the are devoted to this, check out Fanciful Animal Images or the animal section on my website.

~ Diane Clancy


Camplin said...

barking good time

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet little dog..I just love the way the wispy fur on her ears blows back in the wind!

San said...

It is a very sweet image, Diane. And I too would like to see what you might do with totem animals.

Into the Blystic said...

hey that is cool! so many things still to learn! namaste Elis.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Camplin, thank you!

Hi Barb, I am delighted you love Violet's photo - that is one I took.

Hi San, What a great idea - maybe I will try some ... do you have ideas of what kind it would be good to start with? Thank you.

Hi Elis, Thank you! Yes, we all have so much to learn!!!

~ Diane Clancy

Camplin said...

I am glad you talk about process, because process can be a great tool in understanding an artist's work. Thanks.

Sandra Evertson said...

Your art work is really just Amazing!
Sandra Evertson

Heart It