Friday, February 15, 2008

Frogs and Joy Treasuries!!

I have mentioned the VAST group (Visual Artists Street Team) that I belong to at Etsy. Here is the VAST Blog if you would like to know more. We also help each other market-our art work - we are an online, international group that is creative, loves art, creates original art and has an Etsy Shop.

Joyful Treasury

Joyful Treasury, Etsy

Etsy has a very cool thing called a Treasury - someone puts together 12 items of people’s work with some common theme. This theme is Joyful. I am so so excited because I am in this Treasury!! Dancing up and down with joy!!! I bet regular readers of this blog will identify my piece without reading my name. Thank you Artmixter!! Artmixter has bright colorful items in her shop!!

I just found another Treasury I am in - I am in this Treasury. This Treasury is up for a few more days … Thank you Bags and More by Pam!! Pam's shop has lots of crocheted items !! Wow - this is great!

Frogs Treasury

Frogs Treasury, Etsy

Thank you for looking at my being showcased!! Here is my Etsy Shop.

~ Diane Clancy

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susanlambert said...

really nice blog. I like how you put the treasury on the page

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