Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One World, One HeART Give Away

First of all, Chris O’Byrne and I have a project we have been working on .. he wrote a post about it today … I hope you will read his post and check out our new project!!


Kara Jones of Mother Henna had a post a few days ago about the One World, One Heart GiveAway. I had never heard of it … I think this is the second year. Lisa Oceandreamer OWOH has a blog here which lists all the blogs involved and gives the details.

Conundrum I

Conundrum I, Collage © Diane Clancy

Lots and lots of blogs are giving away items - to show love and build the blogosphere. So once I knew, how can I resist? My give-away will be one set of the cards that I am offering on MY REGULAR BLOG - please join in there - and you can see all the images!!

You have until February 13 (at least at most blogs) to leave your name and join in each blog’s give-away. If you want to win the give-away, leave enough information for me in a comment to MY REGULAR BLOG so I can get a hold of you.

Make sure your email address is a valid one and not one of the no-reply ones. Please do not leave sensitive info like your address or phone .. I can get your address when you win!
I will accept all entries until 9 pm eastern time on February 13and then the winner will be announced on February 14 … and then your gift will be coming your way!

Here are more details if you would like to participate. There are tons of blogs participating … so gone on over and check them out! I know I plan to!!

The prize is one 6 pack of these cards. The size is 4.25 x 6? and they are professionally printed. I look forward to seeing who wins!!

~ Diane Clancy

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