Friday, June 15, 2007

Abby in Butterflies

Thank you for coming to visit this blog. It was very silly, but I loved the last image so much with all the other colors in the blog header and sidebar, that I didn't post for quite awhile. I will work to be more faithful and give you something worth returning to read. This is one of my "Fanciful Animal Images." Abby doesn’t have to worry about prioritizing in her life. Well, that may not be true, she probably has to decide which butterfly to chase.

Abby in Butterflies

Abby in Butterflies, © Diane Clancy

I bet you are like me - often not sure how to prioritize the many tasks that lie strewn over my life (and house.) Actually, I too have many beautiful butterflies to chase … marketing these animal images (making the site, creating more images), online stores (posting more items in my stores, setting up CafePress, starting eBay), reworking my business card as some readers in my other blog have suggested, work for clients, catching up on reading, researching and email, and, oh yes, painting - that’s right, I am an artist. I am sure you know the drill.

Organizing the house, studio, office (same thing) often falls through the cracks. After spending some time a few weeks ago organizing, it is very satisfying that it is feeling more spacious here. I think the openness will help me with my other work - be less distracting. Then tomorrow I have to start prioritizing all over again! Of course, the trick is to keep things organized!

Thank you for stopping by!

~ Diane Clancy

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