Sunday, June 17, 2007

Freckles in Butterflies

These butterflies are created from nozzles that I made myself from clipart that I have rights to use. I used Illustrator and Photoshop in creating this image while working with the nozzles and layers. I enjoy the almost 3D quality of this painting.

Freckles in Butterflies, Digital © Diane Clancy

These images I have created using companion animals are some of my most popular images for cards. Many times when someone sees “their” kitty or puppy, they immediately want the card or print. It is fun to feel like I bring happiness to people as they see a touching image of their special friend.

Some people have asked me to make these paintings from photographs of their own animals. Because I use layering, I am able to keep the cost more affordable. I have also created specific backgrounds for people’s companions. I am happy that so many people like these paintings so much!

Thank you for stopping by and reading,

~ Diane Clancy

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Devil's Son said...

nice piece of art here...
like it so much...
hope to see more..

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