Friday, June 22, 2007

Animals III

I am sure that all these animals are journeying somewhere important. Clearly, there is a specific place they are going - even though the path is winding … do you know where they are traveling?

Animals III, Digital © Diane Clancy

This is a digital painting that will be very good for licensing. I think these animals are incredibly fun and fanciful. The curves of the animals follow the curves of the paths they are following. Unlike much of my work, the colors are a little muted. Again, these designs would be great cards and wrapping paper.

I am so hopeful that this weekend I can make some progress at getting my work more widely available at Etsy and ArtFlock. I am so excited - I think this is the right timing for me - and hopefully for the market! A new, important step for me.

~ Diane Clancy

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