Thursday, June 21, 2007


As you can tell if you have been following these posts, I dearly love this little kitty. I have plans to paint more pictures of him. I enjoy doing this kind of spontaneous painting.

Speaking of traveling (a post another day), this little kitty did some traveling … that is how he was “Arriving.” He went on the journey to the next plane and this painting was part of my grieving process. I see his arriving to a place where he is celebrated as the cool kitty he is … this is his arrival where everyone is delighted to see him!

Arriving, Tempera © Diane Clancy

A friend of mine was training with Michele Cassou to teach “The Magic of Painting as Spontaneous Expression.” I had already found a book and video of Michele’s work and technique before I knew my friend was taking classes. I had been using the techniques on my own, so I jumped at the chance to be a test student for my friend.

Two of the paintings I created in this class, “Arriving” and “Underground,” are very popular for me in cards. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to CafePress besides Etsy and ArtFlock. Perhaps this will be one of the paintings that I sell at those online stores.

~ Diane Clancy

~ Diane Clancy

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