Monday, June 18, 2007

Inner Flow III

I can use some “inner flow” internally at the moment. I have been pushing very hard to get this blog and Susan’s Blog up and running and to establish the habit of posting every day. I am happy that the weather is warmer again. I am in a maintenance mode rather than an inspiration mode. But I do feel inspired when I look at this digital painting. That feeling of being uplifted by my images is one of the highlights of my work!

Inner Flow III, Digital © Diane Clancy

One of the ways that I decide if an image is finished, is by how it makes me feel. If the results of my creative process make me feel more connected to my soul, then it is a painting that works for me. I want to be creating more beauty and bring more light into the world.

This is a painting I created in Photoshop with KPT filters with many transluscent layers. This layering gives this image the depth of field that it has. There are dozens of layers in many of my digital paintings. Thank you for being with me as I have been enjoying “Inner Flow III” and, in the process, strengthening my own inner flow.

- Diane Clancy

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