Monday, June 25, 2007

Emma in Flowers II

Emma looks so precious to me as she is stepping forward with her little paw. This digital painting is fabulously cute in my opinion. Tonight I feel that Emma is going through a forest of flowers.

Emma in Flowers II

Emma in Flowers II, Digital © Diane Clancy

The other day I spent the day at a workshop that was promoting an internet marketing package that was incredibly powerful and interesting, but I did not feel it was right for my needs. But I did learn a lot about search engines and different techniques.

With their package they offer a great database for keeping track of potential customers and making it easy to send out newsletters. Educating myself about newsletter software is on my list of things to do. I have a database of products and clients, but it is not connected up to the web. I will need to decide if the one program can do the job or … what.

It is also time for me to get serious about getting a shopping cart and getting that set up. At least now I am able to take paypal for credit cards for the convenience of customers. Time for these next business steps!

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