Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Emma in Butterflies

Emma looks like she is having fun … walking through the butterflies with her dainty little paw gracefully poised. What fun to have these beautiful, colorful butterflies all around. This is part of “Fanciful Animal Images” that are so popular with many people. Emma doesn’t have to worry about prioritizing in her life. Well, that may not be true, she probably has to decide which butterfly to chase.

Emma in Butterflies

Emma in Butterflies, Digital © Diane Clancy

But I bet you are like me - often not sure how to prioritize the many tasks that lie strewn over my life (and house.) Actually, I too have many beautiful butterflies to chase … marketing these animal images (making the site, creating more images), online stores (posting more items in my stores, setting up CafePress, starting eBay), reworking my business card as suggested, work for clients, catching up on reading, researching and email, and, oh yes, painting - that’s right, I am an artist. I am sure you know the drill.

Today I worked in the physical world (you know, off the computer). I actually have moved the stacks of business related folders from my bureau and from the table in the living room. Now it almost looks like a house instead of a business (at least that part of the house). Hopefully my new, revised system will work.

Organizing the house, studio, office (same thing) often falls through the cracks. It is very satisfying that it is feeling more spacious here. I think the openness will help me with my other work - be less distracting. Then tomorrow I have to start prioritizing all over again!

~ Diane Clancy

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Neda said...

I love the way that you refer to "chasing the butterflies" in your life....I might be inspired to do a collage, Diane!!!

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